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Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm 90g


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Developed by a world-leading expert in stem cell research, Professor Augustinus Bader has spent thirty years unlocking the body’s innate processes to self-heal. The result? Game-changing skincare that uses a unique, patented Trigger Factor Complex - TFC8 - to help visibly reduce the signs of aging and damage caused by environmental stressors, and leave skin looking restored, regenerated, and glowing.
A Cult Beauty exclusive, The Cleansing Balm is an effortless way to remove every trace of the day while infusing your skin with a buffet of goodness. A decadent salve, it dissolves daily makeup and oil and transforms from a balm to milk to eliminate grime and leave skin peachy clean and conditioned.
With its decadent, buttery texture, this beautiful balm is like everything else in the Augustinus Bader range – indulgent, efficacious, and results-driven. Harnessing the power of his signature TFC8 Complex to support skin renewal and provide cells with nutrients needed for optimal health, alongside an avocado-olive fruit oil complex, conditioning squalane and vitamin E, this nourishing formula tones, purifies, and decongests to leave your complexion clean, clear, and refined. Making light work of even the most stubborn makeup, this calms as it cleanses – soothing and smoothing the skin to promote health and radiance – simply sweep it away with ‘The Cloth’ (100% cotton muslin) to provide gentle exfoliation and enhance the skin brightening benefits. Non-pore-clogging, fragrance-free, and 100% vegan, it’s a must for any Augustinus addict, as well as those who’re keen to elevate their cleansing ritual.
HOW TO USE The Cleansing Balm is a solid salve that melts into a luxurious milky cleanser when water is added. May be used as a complete cleanser on its own, as the first step in a double cleansing regimen, followed by The Cleansing Gel.
Use fingertips to massage a pea-sized amount of balm into dry skin, paying special attention to areas where dirt, oil and stubborn make up accumulate.
Add water to emulsify and continue to massage.
Soak ‘The Cloth in warm to hot water and apply gently to the skin in circular motions to remove impurities and excess balm.
Pat skin dry before continuing with the rest of your Augustinus Bader skin care regimen.
Rinse ‘The Cloth’ thoroughly and allow to hang dry between uses.

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